Family and Business Advisory Group

The DLR Group is a family and business advisory group, established as a merger between Dölberg Fiduciary (founded in 1999) and Lumenrock (founded in 2010) in 2017.

“Success is a team sport”

– Simon Sinek

The DLR Group is a family and business advisory group, established as a merger between Dölberg Fiduciary (founded in 1999) and Lumenrock (founded in 2010) in 2017. The oldest office currently within the Group was established in Oudtshoorn in 1914, creating more than a century of history. It is DLR’s Vision for all families and their businesses to have access to our advice, guiding them in building lasting legacies. Our aim is to build DLR into a well-respected and diversified organisation that are recognized for creating value. 

DLR is committed to providing a valuable service, addressing the challenges of creating, managing and maintaining wealth. Wealth is always linked to accounting records, the administration of ownership structures, family constitutions and maximizing our assets. Our approach is to constantly assist our clients by improving our level of service to ultimately achieve our goal: living excellence, respected for creating value. We, as DLR has acquired years of expertise to ensure that the family and the business can be serviced from our offices. We have determined that there is a need for a family to be able to service both the family and their commercial needs from the same service offering.

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Origin Group
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Our purpose is to improve our client’s “Dividend On Life” (DOL, as opposed to the traditional approach of trying to improve the client’s portfolio ROI). At DLR we understand that our responsibility centres around the long-term stability and financial well-being of our clients. For this reason, we aim to develop a sensible solution for our clients’ Dividend on Life, by the protection and growth of the wealth requirements of families and businesses. Over the years, DLR has acquired a wealth of expertise to ensure that both families’ and their business’ needs can be serviced from our offices.


A holistic view of our client’s Dividend on Life is required. The merger of our groups has enhanced our value proposition, enabling us to design the solution for our clients, by offering an expanded suite of services. DLR is now in a unique position to provide hindsight (compliance services), insight (performance-oriented services) and foresight (strategic services). This sets the stage for innovation and game-changing performance for our clients.


Using a Team-Based Model, we work closely with clients to identify planning needs and opportunities, we then work in conjunction with in-house professionals that specialize in a wide range of services to create a cohesive team intended to help you reach your own unique goals. Rather than clients receiving disjointed advice from multiple independent advisors, we bring all the necessary professionals together to work as one TEAM for you. Our range of services includes among others, the establishment of your business, ongoing advice, supporting growth through tax, wealth and accounting services, and positioning of the ownership for future generations through our fiduciary services.

We understand the continuous effort and commitment necessary to establish a successful family or business, and it is our passion to support and advise the individuals involved. The Benefits of our Holistic Approach: Holistic advice provides direction and meaning to your life. It allows you to understand how a financial decision you make affects other areas of your life. By viewing each financial decision as part of a whole, you can consider its short and long-term effects on your life goals. You can also adapt more easily to life changes and feel more secure that your goals are on track.