About Us


The Group employs more than 100 team members, including a wide variety of professionals and specialists in the diverse array of services we offer. Our experts consist of several Chartered Accountants, AGA’s, Lawyers and Advocates, a Doctor in Relational Leadership, Key Individuals registered at the FSCA and many professionals at different levels of training.

Women Employed 57%
Employees younger than 34 years 50%
Employee at DLR for over 4 years 40%
Employee at DLR for over 7 years 15%

The Group has several training offices, where we employ a variety of articled clerks, which are trained to be professionals, some of them leaving our Group after their articles to improve the quality of our countries’ financial services experts. The largest percentage of our team members are regularly involved in continual professional education, ensuring we keep up to date and aware of the most modern technology, legislation, and methods in our various fields of expertise.

“He who knows that he has enough is rich.”

– African Proverb


Pieter Esterhuizen

Executive Director and Group Chief Executive Officer

Cobus Coetzee

Executive Director


Ig van der Merwe

Director: Southern Cape Accounting

Marizanne Botes

Director: Lumenrock Audit and Manager of the Oudtshoorn branch

Jaco van Niekerk

Manager: Fiduciary and Wealth Divisions

Tarita Mostert

Group Technical Manager: Tax and Legal

Armand le Grange

Director: Southern Cape Accounting

Hanno Lourens

Director: Southern Cape Accounting

Neil Oberholzer

Director, AGA(SA), CTA

Blessing Chikwanda

Senior Trust Administrator and Office Manager: Pretoria

Duaan Jacobs

Business Development Executive: Botswana