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Crazy Guy on Bike – Wed 21 Nov 2018, Day 353

Wed 21 Nov 2018, Day 353

Staying with Claire and Philip in Mowbray
Distance from Amsterdam 20026

Each night in Cape Town we will be sleeping at a different house but it’s not an issue as we’re travelling light with only one small zipper clothes bag each. Have decided to dip into our ‘unused’ medical savings and have medical check ups as I’m certain any credit won’t carry over to next year. Nothing exciting happening other than catching up with Willem last night and seeing Cris and Elizabeth Ingram today. Their company R&D Offroad kitted out our bakkie and has been storing the Fortuner for the past year. Cris and a few mates also road in Africa up to Rwanda a few months ago but did it on KTM motor cycles which made it slightly easier.

We got stuck in heavy traffic getting to P’nP in Rondebosch to buy beer and food for supper. Didn’t get beer as Windhoek Draft beers were sold out at P’nP Liquor. One hour of free parking is allowed but when I inserted the parking ticket into the machine it said I needed to pay R4. This after only being there for 30 minutes, with Peter sitting in the car no doubt wondering why I was taking so long. I went up to the parking manager’s office, explained my agitation to be told by the African guy on duty that I could pay for the parking at his office. Got hot under the collar … R4.00 wasn’t going to break the bank but it was more a matter of principle. This man was obviously randomly conning people. We tried the local liquor store near to Claire’s house for beer but it was 18h15 and they were closed. Mmm traffic congestion, being ripped off for parking and Peter now dying of thirst not a great feeling after our carefree days of no stress or hassle on two wheels. Peter said that he could see us hopping onto our bikes after New Year and go for a local bike ride!


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