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Crazy Guy on Bike – Sat 3 Nov 2018, Day 335

Sat 3 Nov 2018, Day 335
Staying with Grant Freeme at Comfrey Cottage Guest House, Lady Grey
Distance 13777
Total from Amsterdam  19177

It was freezing overnight so I put on long pants, an icebreaker T shirt and long sleeve top. Peter had cooked oats, with a difference for breakfast this morning. The guest house is famous for their cooked oats, adding a dash of whiskey, cinnamon and cream. I preferred a bowl of muesli. Grant told us how they pickled their crop of olives one year when someone told them to put the olives in an orange string bag and put this in the toilet cistern for three weeks?? The olives were getting rinsed with each flush. Maybe the bathroom aromas added to the flavour, once pickled.

Grant drove us into town (hip a bit sore to walk and they live in an area with gravel roads) so Peter could draw money but as there was no queue at the ATM we assumed that the bank had run out of money. This occurs fairly often around month end in the town. Peter saw a pair of legs at the ATM drawing money so we are ‘flush’ again.

From there we went grocery shopping at the local supermarket and managed to get most things. Will get the rest in Aliwal North on Monday when Grant goes their to collect a hired trailer. He runs a company from the guest house and sells bike touring and bike packing equipment as well as VSF touring bikes. Peter bought all our panniers and Schwalbe tyres from Grant way back when he decided to get back into cycle touring.

Grant is attending an expo called ‘Bike Fest’ in Cape Town this weekend which will be at the Constantia Sports Club. He is taking a few bicycles down as well as panniers and various items relating to tour cycling. If you happen to be in the area, pop in and say hi to Grant. We watched a lacklustre game of rugby where England beat SA 12-11. Gerda and George made a delicious dinner of corned beef and vegetables and dessert was home grown strawberries and ice cream. Their kitties are mom Pixie and her offspring Inky, Pinky and Ponky … all gorgeous and fluffy. Off to bed to finish this and read a bit. We’ll be in Lady Grey until Tuesday and then head to Aliwal North. Night all xx

– The NG Kerk on Lady Grey
– Our Mutha Hubba pitched under the trees in the garden of Comfrey Cottage
– Grant, George and Gerda Freeme have been living in Lady Grey for about 15 years


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