You are currently viewing Crazy Guy on Bike – Saturday, 27 Oct Day 328

Crazy Guy on Bike – Saturday, 27 Oct Day 328

Saturday, 27 Oct Day 328

Just watched the Kiwis beat the Ozzies in the Bledisloe Cup played in Japan and have decided to get the chores done before relaxing and vegging at Carl’s exquisite home … may even take a dip in the pool. I cleaned the water bowls for the hoeners (chickens) and gave them food. For this I was rewarded with one freshly laid egg. Washing is in the machine, Peter and pooches all napping and I’m finishing off my diary.

PS.   I have decided to (try !!!) and take a break from the diary and will start again on Tuesday. I need a rest.


– It was still very cold when we arrived at this roadside padstal at 06h30 that’s open 24/7. Had steaming hot cups of tea, sharing our jam sarmies with the guy serving us

– Perfect rows of a young crop of wheat (I think)

– Adam du Toit on his recumbent bike

– Pick ‘n Pay were dishing out yummy ‘death by chocolate’ ice creams. The box they came in was dropped so everyone in check out queues got free ice creams

– We stopped at a garage and had 2 suckers each. Here I was standing under the aircon trying to cooling down


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