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Crazy Guy on Bike – Thur 18 Oct 2018, Day 319

Camping at ‘Sakkie se Arkie’ campsite, Upington
Distance 92 + 12737 = 12829
Average 14.9
Time 6 h 7 m
Total from Amsterdam 18229
Location S28.461204, E21.245492

Peter’s alarm went off at 04h30, rise and shine even though the stars are still shining. A change in breakfast this morning … raw oats with Powerade, no milk, the cows are on strike.  We were determined to pack up quickly as, from experience, the wind is a pest and the heat exhausting. We knew it was going to be a tough day when we hit the tar at 05h24 and already riding into a stiff breeze.

I hugged Peter’s back wheel and felt sorry for him with a bike weighing 10 kg heavier than mine. Both our bottoms are tender from the long daily rides and are both sporting a few ‘shiners’ … saddle sores? We’ve stuck micropore plasters on each pimple which alleviates some of the chafing.

Stopped at a picnic site 30 km, concerned that we will run out of drinking water. I took my empty bottle to the roadside and tried flagging a car down but they drove by. Peter tried with a bigger bottle and family from Rehoboth stopped and filled a 1.5 litre with lovely chilled water. Reggie, Bernice and children were on their way to a funeral in Danielskuil, a mining town just before Kimberley.

We also had very little food … 3 stale slices of bread, 1 egg, mayo, 2 apples, 2 naartjies, dates, Eat sum More biscuits which would have to see us through to Upington. It was warmer than the last few days in Namibia but we kept our reflective neon yellow jackets on as our Icebreaker T shirts are threadbare and Peter’s back is blotchy from the sun. We finally arrived on Upington around lunchtime.

First stop was the Engen garage for a sucker, next the bike shop, then a hardware store to buy cheap tinted protective glasses as my sunnies are scratch to hell and gone. Shopping at Pick n Pay was next then MTN to find out how much mobile data our phones have, now that we’re back in SA.

We finally got to Sakkie se Arkie campsite (Sakkie’s Ark). It’s pretty central and is right on the bank of the Orange River. We met and were given a lime green bucket of coolers and beers by the staff of Distell, a producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages. The company had just launched a few new coolers and beers. To keep our yoghurt, cooldrinks and water chilled, Alan, who runs the camp site came over with a  huge bucket of ice and an insulated ice box. The thought of having cold water, milk, yoghurt, oranges and now all our beers and coolers, feels like luxury.

Peter made supper while I fiddled with the diary trying to figure out why emails aren’t being sent. Soo very frustrating. Think it’s Google who has blocked me sending emails to a long list of recipients??


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