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Crazy Guy on bike – Wed 1 Aug July 2018, Day 241

Rest day 1 with Fanie + Janita Janse van Rensburg on the Anchor Ranching  + Dairy Farm, Gweru
Distance 8808
Total from Amsterdam  14208

We’ve been blessed with comfy beds, hot showers and staying with and meeting amazing people. Heard last night about a family friend in Harare who owns an upmarket restaurant where both ZanuPF and MDC people have meals. The ZanuPF behave like decent people and tip waiters compared to MDC who are unruly, rude to restaurant staff and don’t tip. Some are saying better the devil you know, time will tell.

The Janse van Rensburg’s have a breadmaker and the aroma coming from the kitchen this morning was delicious. Nicky has kindly put our washing in with theirs so we’ll smell and look good again tomorrow. The four JvR siblings were lying on mom and dad’s bed this morning watching a kiddies video with the tree mouse snuggled under their clothing. The adults were all busy in the office so we read and got things charged. Fanie took us into Gweru to shop for bolognese ingredients for supper. We have decided not to go walking with the lions at Antelope Park as it’s +- $50 pp and to rather spend time with the two families.

The farm that Fanie is managing is 120 hectares and wheat is farmed here. He has nine pivot watering systems. It takes about one hour to plant 15 hectares of wheat, and took around one week to plant 120 hectares. Peter and I cooked supper with Janita and Fanie keeping us company in the kitchen. The bolognese got thumbs up from everyone. The younger children had pitched three tents in Craig and Nicky’s garden and were ready to camp the night. We got our goodnight hugs and kisses and off they went armed with a small packet of Skittles as a snack. Both Peter and I initially thought five children, all under ten, would drive us crazy but for once we were wrong. There is a bit of violence in Harare  with the MDC claiming victory but the counting has not been finalised yet. We leave tomorrow morning going towards Bulawayo but will need to find a place to sleep. For the first time in Zimbabwe we don’t have pre-arranged accommodation. Very tired, night all.


– The cute tree house mouse poking his head out from under the blanket while the kids watched a movie

– The dam a few km from the farm

– A pair of fish eagles with another pair close by

– Bedtime for the Janse van Rensburg family

– …. Bedtime for everyone

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