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Crazy Guy on Bike – Sat 28 July 2018, Day 237

Rest day 2 at Bruce and Carol Newman, Hove Dairy Farm, Kadoma
Distance  8636
Total from Amsterdam  14036

Our bed was snug comfy and we woke up well rested. I was going to hitch a lift with Bruce to town to buy a few bits and bobs from the Spar, putting my bike in his bakkie and ride back but have decided to join them for a braai this evening at the golf club so no need to shop. They had an open day at the club encouraging non members to play a round of golf in an attempt to attract new members. Orange, naartjie, litchi, two very old jacaranda and two huge fan banana trees are spread out in the front garden. Bruce has also planted a field of Pink Cushion plants, hope it’s a success. The Pink Cushion is family of the South African Protea which is our National flower of the country.

The swimming pool looked inviting yesterday but after dipping my big toe into the water I decided that a warm shower was the better option. The weaver birds have taken over a tree with their nests, birds flying to and fro carrying bits for nest building. Many plants leaves are shredded to bits from the weavers collecting their building materials. I have just seen an ad for a Toyota Rush on TV while waiting for the Lions-Waratahs game to resume after halftime. We’ve seen so many of these in all the African countries we’ve ridden through and it’s about time SA and Toyota started selling these gorgeous cars in SA. Just dread hearing what they’ll cost. The second hand Japanese car import market is big in many African countries, wish we had this in SA.

Were going to take a walk around the farm but after doing a bit of hand washing, giving bikes a lick and a promise, it was time for lunch and then the Lions-Waratahs game. Lions won 44-26. They play and will try and beat the Crusaders next Saturday in Christchurch. Bruce and Carol collected us for the braai at the golf club. It’s sad to hear the club only has 12 paid up members so hope today’s ‘fun day’ will encourage more people to join the club. It is amazing how the town rallies together supporting various functions and two examples being keeping the golf club and local play house theatre running. We’ve been convinced to stay another day so will leave on Monday and sleep in Kwekwe, evidently the home town of the current State President, Emmerson Mnangagwa since 27 November 2017. His main opposition is the MDC led by Nelson Chamisa.



– Carol’s 1972 Datsun 1200, Buttercup
– Weaver nests in the lovely garden
– Kingfisher
– This stand made a handy washline
– Bruce and Carol Newman

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