Guy on a Bike – Fri 13 July 2018, Day 223


Resting at  Nick + Lindale Adams at Lomagundi College, Chinhoyi
Distance 8246
Total from Amsterdam  13646Friday 13, a lucky day for Peter and myself. We are staying with lovely people, had a great supper and sleep last night and finally managed to buy a simcard in Chinhoyi this morning. It was quite a mission with paperwork to complete but grateful that Lindale knew the Indian couple who own the only Econet shop in town. The cell shop was jampacked like sardines and we fortunately didn’t have to stand in any queues. Getting a sim in Zim was an expensive procedure which may be one of the reasons why there aren’t many people who have cycled through Zimbabwe. A couple we spoke to yesterday told us that they’d seen a couple on bikes, ‘just like us’ on the dam wall in Kariba. Peter spent the day vegging and  sleeping while Lindale took me to town to buy a sim.

I was so confused and looked like someone watching tennis at Wimbledon, my head going from left to right trying to take in what Nelish, Preeya and Lindale were saying was the best package. Basically you get very little for a whole lot of money. We did a bit of shopping at Pick n Pay afterwords for supper ingredients then dashed back to the College as it was Lindale’s day to be on duty when students have their meals. Lunch was a far cry from our normal bread and jam or peanut butter … we had last night’s left over curry and yummy apple pie. I made chili con carne for supper and a beer bread, Lindale fortunately had ingredients for the bread. Peter and I are thrilled that SA Kevin Anderson is through to the Wimbledon final and will either play Djokovic or Nadal. It’s almost 23h00 and time to get some sleep. Today has been such a tough day of relaxing, tomorrow we get to sit in a car and not on a bike seat for six to seven hours, yayyy … thanks to the Adams family. Night all ????

– Zaza and Muffin also resting in the cottage at Lomagundi College
– DSTV in the staff room where we will watch the Mens Wimbledon final on Sunday
– Beautiful gardens at the Administration offices at Lomagundi College x 2
– Our cottage is behind this stunning little garden

– Our front garden with lavender bushes and loads of butterflies

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