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Guy on a Bike – Sun 24 June 2018, Day 124

Staying at Canary’s Guest Houses, Petauke
Distance 88 + 7275 = 7363
Average 16.8
Time 5 h 11 m
Total from Amsterdam  12763
Location S14.29141, E31.335004

Sak en pak, reg vir die pad … packed, ready for the road. Said farewell to Elke and on the road at 07h28. It was quite cold so wore our buffs half over our heads to keep ears warm. Peter even had his buff covering his nose. We had an easterly crosswind but once again, a lovely tarred road. Stopped at 9 am for a banana, carrot and a piddle and at 35 km we tried to find a tea place, but nothing around so bought a Coke and Fanta and managed to buy four fresh deep fried mandazi doughnuts.

Peter felt good most of the way but hunger pangs were creeping up so just after noon, 67 km, we found a bit of shade on the right hand shoulder, spread out our wheat/rice bag as a table cloth and took out our lunch goodies. As it was close to a tiny settlement, young children kept an eye on our every move and two teenagers stood right over us, less than a metre from our table cloth. We both felt uncomfortable but had been warned by friends, Willem and Eva, to expect this behavior from local folk.

Lunch consisted of boiled eggs and lots of mayo on nice fresh white bread with a few naartjies for dessert. With tummies refueled we only had 17 km to ride to reach the town of Petauke. The wind was bearable and the hills were gentle. Hardly any traffic, people friendly and had children’s shouts of ‘how are you’ the whole way. A bugger of a little hill brought us to the town of Petauke. Gave Olga Lodge a miss as iOverlander reviews said it was pricey. Checked out another lodge but the rooms were small and the bar was close to the room they showed us.

We are staying at Canary’s Guest Houses (yes plural) ZK150, originally ZK300 with toast and tea for breakfast. Imelda, Bridget and Lelia have been fantastic… making toast for Peter, giving him boiling water for tea and the ok to use their stove later. Our room has a fridge so will hang onto left over chicken for lunch tomorrow. England but Panama 6-1. Japan 2 Senegal 2. We have DSTV in our room and have turned the bed around as the TV was facing the side of the bed ?? and watched the Japan Senegal game in comfort, lying under the covers. Left overs again which has given us more time watching the soccer. Lala salama.


– Elke with one of their older Moringa trees

– Bye bye Tiko Lodge and staff for their great service and help in getting Peter fully recovered from malaria

– A lovely well maintained garden seen on today’s ride

– Solar street lights in Petauke, Zambia

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