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Guy on a Bike – Tue 12 June 2018, Day 192

Camping at Dean’s Hill View Lodge, Chipata
Distance 44 + 7114 = 7158
Average 14.5
Time 3 h 05 m
Total from Amsterdam 12558
Location S13.635049, E32.626362

We keep forgetting it’s winter here and we needed to use the blanket last night, at least it didn’t weigh a ton. Breakfast was an English one but chefs in Africa don’t fry an egg with a runny yolk. I should have taken charge in the kitchen. Peter was a very happy bunny when he saw a toaster. Gone by 07h35 and it was a mere 12 km to the Zambian border. With the breeze behind us again we cruised to the border. We had to complete exit forms for Malawi but Zambia is computerised. With smooth tar, a great shoulder and regular cats eyes on the shoulder we ate up the km’s even though hilly and arrived in Chipata around 11h30 … AND the rumble strips don’t go across the roads shoulder, yayyy. Very happy to see a few stores that looked familiar … Shoprite, Spar, OK Furniture, Pep Stores, Debonairs Pizza so we’ve decided to camp here tonight. Got an Airtel sim each with 5 GB for ZK105 each. R1.31 buys 1 Zambian Kwacha ??.

For about three days Peter’s had a blocked ear having pushed some wax into the drum. He won’t sit in line at the clinic and won’t buy drops from the pharmacy. He’ll have to go to a doctor to get his ear blasted in Lusaka. Had to go back into town to get sim cards activated. Were told it would be done within 30 minutes … not the correct info. The Shoprite store was better stocked than Spar, also had more variety in the butcher department. We got a special rate here at Dean’s campsite as there’s no water. They walk about 100 metres to a communal tap in the road and then carry the 25 litres up the hill to go back and forth for water to flush loos, wash dishes etc. They then warmed the water on a gas burner so we could wash. We’ve filled our drinking bottles using this tap (borehole) water and Peter’s used the Steripen to sterilise the already crystal clear water. It also tastes great. Supper was boring .. spaghetti with tins of tomato and mixed beans. I thought the beans would be healthy but Peter said he wants tasty food. He can cook tomorrow. The chickens have gone to sleep, crickets are chirping away and I need to finish off here … we want to watch a movie. Lala salama xx


– They are plastic but how these cyclists balance stuff on their bikes amazes us, and he was riding into the breeze

– Zambian countryside, very different with the long grass on the sides

– Three lanes … pedestrians, cycle and vehicles. Gobsmacked when we saw this

– ‘Hello Hoener’  … my standard greeting to all chickens. Love them to bits ????

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