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Crazy Guy on a Bike

Years ago, Peter McNulty had a dream to cycle through Africa. On the 15th of May 2017 this dream become a reality when he and his wife Colleen begin their adventure of a lifetime by cycling from Amsterdam to Cape Town. The trip will be split into to parts… the first three months (May – August) is to cycle from Amsterdam to Istanbul. Due to the extreme heat in Egypt, they intend to fly back home for a month to rest and prepare for the epic portion of their trip… over the next 10-12 months to cycle from Egypt to Cape Town. The intended route is roughly the East coast countries of Africa (include Ruwanda, Uganda), Zambia and Zimbabwe but due to the instability of various countries, this route will invariably change as needed.

For more information, you can follow Peter on their blog that will provide a day by day summary and the route cycled to highlight their trip.

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